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 Redefine the way you live! 


Meet the Founder: Enika Fluellen, MSW, CLC, PPSC



As the founder of BalanceNrenew LLC, I want to share that I have been on both sides of happiness. In 2012, I chose to re-evaluate my career and purpose in life. I thought I was “happy”—traveling, buying nice things, and enjoying the best foods and wine. But truthfully, I depended on things and people for happiness, and when faced with unexpected loss, I felt unable to cope. I focused on others’ well-being more than my own and became a victim with every challenge. I didn't know what I wanted or what would make me happy. I asked myself:

Am I aware of my power—and am I using it?

Are my mind, body, and soul being fed?

The answer was NO. At that moment, I looked in the mirror and said, “Today, I change and fulfill my dreams and purpose." I was in pursuit of happiness and had to understand what worked for me, not my friends, parents, or society. Over the next six years, I worked hard on my physical, mental, and emotional well-being and accomplished more than I ever could have imagined. I completed an MSW at USC, one of the top schools in the nation. Along the way, I earned awards and certifications in support of my passion for clinical work and life coaching.

At the same time, I knew I couldn’t change alone. I come from humble beginnings in LA’s West Adams district, where at times, violence and discord usurped our neighborhood. My mom cooked for hours, conjuring up delectable creations made to be shared with neighborhood kids and families, nourishing and unifying our community. I'd never know whom I’d come home to, laughing and enjoying the fruit of my mom’s labor.

As I embarked on my new path, I, too, nurtured family, peers, and professors with meals and celebrations. My guests left feeling loved and always requested menu items, party ideas, and planning advice. In my growing coaching practice, I began to see that my clients needed more than inspiration—they needed affordable, everyday support in order to change their lives. They needed to renew their capacity to dream, nurture their family members’ growth, and balance out the work of caretaking. I came to understand that the visionary work of coaching goes hand-in-hand with skill building, support for day-to-day living, and empowerment.

With BalanceNrenew, I offer others the chance to redefine happiness and rebalance their lives. My growing team of licensed professionals offers affordable services and support, including:

—Life Coaching and Business Coaching

—Childcare, Tutoring, Home Care, and Transportation

—Catering, Event Planning, and supportive meal prep for individuals and families.

—Power Apparel and Cookbook

I build upon 15 years of service teaching, operating a preschool, and working with a spectrum of clients, including children and senior citizens; veteran and homeless populations; people recovering from substance abuse; and victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. I’ve worked with agencies such as the Federal Building, LAUSD, AmeriCorps, Skid Row Housing, juvenile halls, and many others, providing services to enrich the lives of others. 

                                                                                                    Get Started Today!

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