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The Road to a More Fulfilling Life Starts Here! 

If you're here, chances are you need to renew your capacity to dream—you need to nurture your family members’ growth—and balance out the work of care-taking.

Our licensed life coaches work hand-in-hand with you too—

•Identify the Issues

•Discover the One Thing That Is Stopping You

•Begin the Process

•Find the Support and Tools You Need

•Identify Your Strengths

•Create Action Steps That Work for You

Areas of Life Coaching 

Personal Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Child Coaching

Teen Coaching

Parent Coaching

School Coaching Programs

School Leadership

Professional Development for Teachers

Are you ready? Contact us today!

(323) 507-3418

Sessions are available by:


video chat

In-person, with added travel expenses based on mileage.

Is Life Coaching Right for You?

Life coaches are similar to athletic coaches. They help draw out the talent of their players, provide frameworks to bring out their excellence, and guide and cheer them through their careers. In the same vein, a life coach assists you in creating the life that you want and deserve.


Pricing and Packages

Single Sessions

Single Session 

This option is great for those who seek as-needed support, or who want to see what life coaching is all about. 

Single sessions include goal-setting, learning exercises, and skill-building.

$75 / 1-hour session

1- and 4-Month Packages

1-Month Package 

Great for setting a new course and taking on specific projects, the 1-month package includes check-in calls, emails, goal setting, learning exercises, and skill building. 

$250/ four 1-hour sessions

4-Month Package 

Learn how to build and sustain the changes in your life with the 4-month package. Coach access includes check-in calls, emails, goal setting, learning exercises, and skill building.

$800 / four 1-hour sessions per month (16 sessions total)

VIP Access Package

$1200 / 5 months of high-access coaching

Our VIP Package is aimed at entrepreneurs and people who want to set and achieve long-term goals with day-to-day support from an experienced coach.  With five months of high-access coaching, you’ll build a lasting relationship with your coach--and with yourself. 

VIP clients receive:

  • Up to 25 sessions via phone or video chat over a 5-month period
  • Premium-length sessions lasting up to 75 minutes as needed
  • Daily communication with your coach over email
  • The ability to call your coach any day between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. if something important crops up
  • Up to 10 full days of tagalong sessions as needed (usually twice a month)

This option is limited to 4 clients a year and requires an assessment to ensure our compatibility.

Please check availability before booking.

For an additional fee, our coaches can travel to clients in most parts of the greater Los Angeles area.


$35 / each

Keep a visual track record of your goals and add additional plans and coaching. 

  • Assessments
  • Written Coaching Session Reports
  • Spiritual Healing Coaching
  • Vision Boards
  • Customized Eating and Exercise Plans
  • Assignment Printouts
  • Lesson Plan Printouts

Once you've contacted us to set up your coaching sessions, we will send you our intake, policy and waiver form, and an invoice for payment.  

Forms of payments accepted:

•Payment via PayPal

•Payment with cash (based on approval)

•Payment via online bank transfer

•Payment with major credit and debit cards

Please note:

Coaches will not provide diagnoses or medical advice.

For medical or psychiatric help, contact 911 or a medical doctor.

Additional Support

By engaging in the services of, BalanceNrenew LLC you confirm you have read the disclaimer and agree to all terms and conditions.

Coaching Subscription Pkg. #1                                            


4-30 Minute coaching sessions monthly, via phone        

Soulwork activities & BalanceNrenew newsletters

Empowerment  webinars

Self-care text

Email updates 


Coaching Subscription Pkg. #2



3-25 minute coaching sessions monthly, via phone

Empowerment  webinars

BalanceNrenew newsletters

Email updates 



For initial consultation appointments, call us at

(323) 507-3418 

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