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The Top 5 Questions About Working with a Life Coach

June 5, 2019

You want to make changes in your life. But will a life coach help? To help you find clarity, today I'm sharing the Top 5 Questions about Life Coaching that I've heard over the years--and some answers based on my hands-on work with all kinds of people, families, and workplaces:

  1. Can I afford it? 

Our prices are designed to be affordable. We offer a variety of payment methods so that anyone can obtain service.  If our price point is a challenge, contact us for options. 

       2. Do I need it?

Realizing you need a life coach is a simple question.  Are you stuck and want to get unstuck? If so, take the necessary steps and learn new skills to get you closer to your goals.  

       3. Can it help?

Absolutely, life coaching can put you on the path to success in areas of your life.  It can be a short and long-term reward.

       4. What if I struggle with consistency?

Our gentle coaching helps you be consistent. 

If you falter, your coach will help you pick up where you left off.

      5. Will I be labeled or judged?

That's uncertain. However,  with any new journey, there is doubt and judgment. It is a process you can overcome with a life coach.

Self Development Tips 

June 5, 2019

What is self-development? Typically you can go to the internet and find many definitions. The internet can tell you how to fix, make, and create things. What to avoid, things you should and should not do, and even things about your health and foods to eat. But, it doesn't know your values and feelings so that your self-development aligns with who you are. Your personality, fears, dreams, and internal thermostat ( which I call your emotional gauge) cannot be fully understood alone. A one-on-one Life Coach simplifies self-development. They help you understand your goals and how your strengths will achieve them. A life coach helps to change your thoughts and actions for better outcomes. Check out some self-development tools below to kick-start your transformation. Click the tips below to read the full articles.

Making adjustments

Positive Self Talk

Find Happiness

Needs vs Wants

Is Working With a Life Coach Right for You

June 5, 2019

In California alone, there are thousands of Life Coaches with different skills and focus. The goals may be the same, but the execution varies with each life coach. Therefore, the decision in picking a life coach will depend on several things; the list below will help you decide if we are a good fit.

1. You are ready to step out of your comfort zone

2. You recognize you deserve more in areas of your life

3. You want to adjust to changes in your life

4. You want to take your life to the next level

5. You want to manage time better with less stress

6. Your actions aren't supporting your ideas

7. You have lost momentum or sight of your goals 

8. Your plan and visions don't align

9. You have limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

10. You feel unsupported and unsure about the decisions you make 

Life coaching is an investment.

The word ‘investment’ can immediately trigger the idea of 'what am I getting and how long will it last? Besides school, most investments are made in material things that do not last forever. Life coaching can be a lasting tool that not only elevates you but can influence others.

Life Coaching is an exception to the investment norm because it is used by the most precious resource, YOU.

Imagine having the wealth you dream of, and you can have your dream home, and car, and all the material things you want. You begin to invest money in materials. The mass media has convinced people that these things bring happiness. Scientific research has proven that otherwise, it's unlikely that prosperity brings joy and peace of mind. It is only a piece of the puzzle. An investment in Life Coaching offers lasting long-term happiness. If you are prepared to invest in Life coaching, you are investing in yourself rather than ‘stuff,’ and you're worth it.

Learning to COPE!

June 5, 2019

Our coaches use the COPE method to support your growth in the areas of mental well-being, personal goals, career, and education. COPE helps people of all ages exceed their expectations--and limitations--through a process of reflection, empowerment, and action. COPE stands for

  • Conquer fears
  • Own your Power
  • Persevere
  • Embrace your journey

Conquer fears

Do you want to identify and confront fears instead of being carried away by them? Would you like to spend less energy on things you may have no control over and more energy moving toward a positive vision?

Facing fear takes grace and courage--and support. Our coaches know that naming your fear is a powerful first step in change. We stand by your side as you embark on the process. 

Own your Power

Do you see power as A) running a Fortune 500 company, B) juggling many tasks at once, or C) being a badass who does not take crap from anyone?

Do you wonder what is unique about you and if you have what it takes to make changes in your life?

We help you identify what Power means to you, how it connects to your strengths and values, and how to Own it in your own unique way.


Sometimes life events bring you to a complete stop in your career, goals, family, or relationship. Do these setbacks change you physically, mentally, and emotionally, leaving you feeling hopeless?

We help you discover a  clear positive, realistic view of problems that typically keep you on edge and frustrated. We teach valuable skills to break through barriers in your life.

Embrace your journey

Do you struggle to manage everyday life and miss a sense of purpose but feel too overwhelmed to change?

Are you willing to enjoy the process and release the burdens and stress?

It's not uncommon to avoid change or new experiences. Doing so can be scary, but it can also be life-changing. Whether your transformation journey is a sprint or a cross-country race, our coaches are there for you every step of the way.


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