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Nurture, Rebuild, Empower Your Soul! 

Uncover your possibilities with our certified Life Coaches.  

Reach your full potential, build better relationships, and find balance, today.

Life Coaching

Uncover your possibilities with our certified Life Coaches. Reach your full potential, build better relationships, and find balance today.

Business Consultation 

Follow your dreams, and let us help you along the way. We offer services to assist startup businesses with finances, budgets, licensing, and more!


Find out small tips to help you jumpstart your journey. Visit our sister sites below to nourish your family and celebrate milestones.

Meet Enika, Founder of BalanceNrenew

As a coach, I understand that you need more than inspiration—you need affordable, everyday support to change your life.  In my own journey, I discovered my definition of happiness.  With BalanceNrenew, I offer others the chance to redefine happiness and rebalance their lives.

I have come to understand that the visionary work of coaching goes hand-in-hand with skill building, support for day-to-day living, and empowerment. 

Connect with our certified Life Coaches and Business Consultants, and begin the journey to nurture and empower your soul. 

What People Are Saying

"BalanceNrenew changed my life. I felt supported with every challenge I faced. The care team did not judge my circumstances or criticize my decisions. Only encouraged. I now have some tools to help me be the leader in my life.

Thank You, BalanceNrenew"

-S. Taylor

30-minute consultation 

Uncover the Possibilities with Us .

 What People Are Saying

“BalanceNrenew was there through a difficult time with my family. I learned communication and parenting skills; it made it easier to parent and express my feelings. Thanks, BalanceNrenew."

-C. Brown

The Top 5 Questions About Working with a Life Coach

You want to make changes in your life. But will a life coach help? To help you find clarity, I'm sharing the Top 5 Questions about Life Coaching that I've heard over the years--and some answers based on my hands-on work with all kinds of people, families, and workplaces:

Do I need it?

Can it help?

Can I afford it?

What if I struggle with consistency?

Will I be labeled or judged?

If you have these questions, you've come to the right place! 

We Are Here to Help You Balance, Renew, and Get Unstuck

Is there something you want but aren’t sure how to get it? 

Do you feel frustrated because you put your time and energy into things and don’t feel things are happening for you or reaping the benefits? 

Are you feeling alone, anxious, or unsupported? 

Is your time limited juggling family, kids, and other life demands?

If so, you’re in the right place! BalanceNrenew was created for all people--regardless of age, class, or gender. Our certified life coaches, counselors, and social workers in Los Angeles, California, have the knowledge, tools, training, and compassion to assist you with getting what you want in life in the most comfortable, fast, and joyful way possible! 

Using the COPE Method, we have helped people manifest...

  • An Ideal Spouse or Partner
  • Better Relationships With Family, Coworkers, Roommates, and Friends
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Better Time Management
  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Increased Business Revenue
  • A Winning Mindset
  • Increased Prosperity
  • Strength-Based Problem-Solving Skills
  • Self-Efficacy

What Is the COPE Method?

Our coaches use the COPE method to support your growth in the areas of mental well-being, personal goals, career, and education. COPE helps people of all ages exceed their expectations--and limitations--through a process of reflection, empowerment, and action. COPE stands for

Conquer fears

Own your Power


Embrace your journey


Additional Support

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